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New Book – Surviving the Bond Bear Market + Website: Bondland’s Nuclear Winter

Marilyn Cohen has a New Book coming out tomorrow, April 12, 2011 – Surviving the Bond Bear Market + Website: Bondland’s Nuclear Winter.  She is a noted bond expert, bond manager, and gives readers suggestions on how to survive and thrive as the bond bubble winds down and turbulence erupts in the bond market and municipal bond market.

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Municipal Bond Books and Educational Resources

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Staying up-to-date is essential in investing. Investors must understand what they are buying or run the risk of losing their entire investment. The days of trusting your adviser 100% are long gone. Look at what happened to Bernie Madoff’s clients. Investors need to understand the lingo and how markets operate even if they leave the specifics to a mutual fund. Markets change daily, investors need to stay up-to-date with all the left behind.

Here are some critical newspapers that investors should subscribe to:

Wall Street Journal

The essential newspaper for businessmen and investors.


Make your weekends more productive and insightful with this newspaper.

Local newspapers for local municipality information. If you don’t subscribe at least watch the newspaper’s website every day and set up alerts on Google News with keywords relating to their municipalities your own.

Bond buyer

An expensive industry publication that serious bond investors should think about subscribing to. It costs almost $3000 a year to subscribe to! Visit their website at least.

These books help solidify any investors Bond knowledge:

Bond Investing for Dummies

This is a great guide to bonds in the bond market. The style is a little too playful at times but the information a solid.

Bonds now!

Useful insight from a bond manager who lives in the trenches every day. This book is full of real world insight and tips from the post-2008 credit crisis world.

The only guide to a winning bond strategy Will Ever Need

A pretty cocky title! And investment manager helps to demystify the opaque bond market.

Websites that specialize in bond information:

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Municipal Bond Books and Educational Resources