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Vanguard Municipal Bond Webcast

Vanguard Municipal Bond Mutual Funds

Vanguard has a Vanguard Municipal Bond Mutual Funds Webcast on Thursday, January 27, 2011 1pm ET. Space is limited.

Topics include:

  • Recent developments shaping the muni market, including concerns about bond issuer solvency.
  • The potential impact of interest-rate changes.
  • The role municipal bonds can play in your portfolio.

Vanguard Municipal bond ETF News

Vanguard also pulled the plug on three municipal bond ETF’s today. No surprise seeing how poorly the municipal bond market has been faring lately and how Muni ETF’s have seen wild volatility.

Update: Here’s a link to the transcript. This webcast did more to come down investors nervous. They clearly stated that they believe Meredith Whitney’s remarks were a bit overblown. Vanguard has a large team of analysts, scrutinizing each issue. While interest rates are rising, it is important to stick with your asset allocation and not try to time the market.

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