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April 2012 Municipal Bond and Tax Free Mutual Funds News

municipal bonds

This month saw more of news about financial market volatility. Tax day has come and past. The Month’s municipal bond news included:

  • 4/17/12: EMMA – MSRB – Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board – Read the Official Statement of bonds and also use the new  EMMA System Alerts feature to stay up to date on any important disclosures.
  • 4/17/12: Safest Return Imperiled as Kansas Considers Tax Cut: Muni Credit – Bloomberg. Kansas and Oklahoma be affected by the proposals to cut income taxes. Both states have an AA+ rating from S&P.
  • 4/27/12: The Jefferson County legal battle is now moving towards resolving whether County Officials can divert money to fix a leaky sewer system instead of paying debtholders. This case will take years to resolve.
  • 4/27/12: New credit default swaps have been expanded for Municipal Bonds. This is increasing on trading volumes and could inject volatility into the bond market.

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