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April 22 – April 29, 2011 Municipal Bond and Tax Free Mutual Funds News

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This week (April 22, 2011 – April 29, 2011) saw more of news about the US government’s deficit battles. Tax-free Mutual funds saw continued outflows. Tax-free money market funds saw major outflows, undoubtedly for people to pay their taxes. The Weeks municipal bond news included:

  • Ignore the hype about municipal bond defaults reminds people that default rate generalizations are misleading. (US News)
  • O’Hare airport has a $1 billion municipal bond offerings coming up, one of the biggest in a while. They are moving up the offering because they believe that conditions in the municipal bond market have improved! (WSJ)
  • A list of the 10 top municipal bond issuers with the widest credit spreads a.k.a. most financially challenged. Topping the list are Puerto Rico, Illinois, and California.(Reuters)

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