Municipal Bond Mutual Fund News

April 15 – April 21, 2011 Municipal Bond and Tax Free Mutual Funds News

municipal bonds

This week (April 15, 2011 – April 22, 2011) saw more of news about the US government’s deficit battles. Tax-free Mutual funds saw continued outflows. Tax-free money market funds saw major outflows, undoubtedly for people to pay their taxes. The Weeks municipal bond news included:

  • ‘Fat and Happy’ Days Are Over as Budgets Cut. A Pioneer mutual fund manager sees value after all the selling. He avoids large residential development deals. (The Street)
  • A new JP Morgan municipal bond fund with a 20% allocation in taxable bonds. Seems like a bad idea to us. (WSJ)
  • ‘Great Opportunities’ Exist Within Muni Bonds: Oppenheimer Portfolio Manager. Hmm, their muni funds fared extremely poorly during credit crisis. (CNBC)

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